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The Woman Has The Best Part: Two Mules For Sister Sara

The 1970 film “Two Mules For Sister Sara” starring Shirley MacLaine and Clint Eastwood is not considered a great Western in Eastwood’s long career, but it is the most unique, and in some ways, the most enjoyable to watch. Directed by Don Siegel, with a fun score by Ennio Morricone, MacLaine and Eastwood have great chemistry and play off each other wonderfully. The trailer makes it seem like an action packed Western, which it is, but it also has a playful and sardonic sense of humor. As MacLaine and Eastwood were both well aware of, the role of Sara was the best part in the movie.


Clint Eastwood tribute to James Garner

This is a nice tribute to James Garner by Clint Eastwood that originally aired on TCM in August 2001. Garner was a natural on screen, with a relaxed presence and a good comedic touch with a dash of cynicism thrown in. He has a large part in one of my all time favorite films The Great Escape and I grew up watching his TV series The Rockford Files in the 1970s which was a favorite of mine as a kid. He will be missed.