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A War At Home: Southern Comfort

The 1981 movie “Southern Comfort” starring Keith Carradine and Powers Boothe will remind some viewers of the John Boorman classic “Deliverance”. Both films have similar plots (urban males interact with backwood natives with violent results) with “Southern Comfort” having a bit of a Vietnam allegory thrown in for good measure. I still remember seeing this movie in the theater when I was a teenager and it was a powerful experience for me at the time. Well directed by Walter Hill with a wonderful score by Ry Cooder (who scored many of his films) it is another fine addition to Hill’s catalog of male dominated and, more thoughtful than most in the genre, action films.

Hill has said that all of his films are Westerns, with “a stripped-down moral universe that is, whatever the dramatic problems are, beyond the normal avenues of social control and social alleviation of the problem.”

“Southern Comfort” is due to be issued on blu-ray in July.

Cold War Obsession: The Bedford Incident

The 1965 film “The Bedford Incident” is a fine thriller with a great cast headed by Richard Widmark (a favorite actor of mine) who also produced the film, and obviously thought it would make a good vehicle for him, and he was right, he is perfect as the intense and obsessed Captain of the destroyer hunting a Soviet submarine. The film also stars Sidney Poitier, Martin Balsam, James MacArthur and Wally Cox. It is well directed in black and white (I don’t think the film would work as well in color) by James B. Harris the one time producing partner of Stanley Kubrick.